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Is it a crazy idea to have more than one pair of glasses?

Would you wear  jeans and a t-shirt to a board meeting? And to a meal at a fancy restaurant? And to a Wedding? Hopefully not. We all have different outfits for different occasions. But why do people so often only have glasses that suit one occasion, or hope for one pair to do all things? 

Buying more than one pair of glasses is seen as an outrageous thing, but is it really? We are always advising clients to at least consider having more than one pair, whether as a spare, for an ...

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So now we have a blog.

Now we have a blog; but the question is – what do we do with it?

We thought the best thing we could do with our blog is to show you all the things that go on behind the scenes that make our practice busy. All the things that we do that you don't get to see either in the testing room or on the shop floor. We also want to use it as a bit of a discussion board, so from time to time you will see a blog that it designed to get you thinking; topics such as frame selections, eye ...

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