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For 172 years, Tiffany & Co. has designed and produced standard-setting jewellery and accessories. Since the company’s inception in 1837 Tiffany have been using and crafting the finest goods using only the finest materials; gold, silver, diamonds and platinum. The first collection of Tiffany & Co. Eyewear was launched in 2008, remains true to the brand’s highest standards. All Tiffany glasses are innovative, unique, irresistible, and beautiful, with designs based on some of the dazzling jewellery creations seen on some of the world’s most beautiful people. Tiffany’s new Eyewear collection is the ultimate in craftsmanship, using a variety of high quality materials; some include sterling silver & diamonds. Inspired by iconic Tiffany jewellery such as Tiffany Keys and the Return to Tiffany™ collection, the new eyewear features unexpected details that are impeccably crafted including a nod to a Tiffany classic –    The Victoria.

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