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Here’s the dilemma – you like the look of a frame but it doesn’t fit very well, the other frame you are looking at fits like a glove but it doesn’t look as good. What do you do? With the TD Tom Davies collection that dilemma is no longer there; we can custom make a TD Tom Davies frame to give you the fit and finish you are looking for, as well as little touches to make it unique and special to you. Changes can be made to the colours of the frame, the width and depth of the lenses, the bridge and the side length. To top it all off the frame is lazer engraved with your name, nickname, cheeky inside joke or, if you are always putting your glasses down and losing them, your phone number.  By choosing TD Tom Davies you are choosing truly the most exclusive eyewear in the world.

Have you ever been forced to compromise your frame choice because of your prescription?

For some people choosing a frame is a lot more difficult than simply picking one that looks good. For those with a high prescription the bigger, more fashionable choices aren’t an option and they are forced to stay with styles that went out of fashion before anyone knew what a coalition government was.

TD Tom Davies is perfect for this situation, we can pick a style that looks great and modify it to get the perfect balance between the style of the frame and the cosmetic effect of the lenses, including making acetate frame fronts thicker to mask higher prescription lenses.

By using TD Tom Davies combined with the latest in spectacle lens technology we can provide clients with frames they’re delighted with and vision they never thought possible.

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