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We do a wide range of contact lenses to suit your prescription and lifestyle. We have lenses for daily, fortnightly and monthly use; for astigmatism and multifocal prescriptions.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the benefits of contact lenses, and what options are available, with all our patients

Perspective is an Acuvue Contact Lens Centre of Excellence, but being completely independent we can select the optimum lenses from any manufacturer. Monthly and Two-weekly disposable soft lenses can now be used to correct short and long sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. Increasingly all this can also be done with the latest daily disposable soft contact lenses.

Contact Lens Fitting appointments are available 6 days a week. Contact lens appointments are £50 and cover the initial fitting and teach sessions, contact lens aftercare up to 12 months from the initial fitting and trial/spare contact lenses as needed.

Technological advances in the contact lens market have been dramatic in recent years, allowing longer wear times, greater comfort and sharper vision. We are committed to offering our patients the opportunity to benefit from the latest quality lenses, now and in the future.