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Perspective strongly believes introducing children to regular eyecare is vitally important, ensuring their vision is developing correctly. School eye checks are sadly a thing of the past in many cases, so we suggest all children have their eyes examined before they start their primary education.

We have child friendly tests to assess their vision, colour perception, eye muscle coordination and ocular health. Once old enough we also take retinal photographs or OCT scans if required.

As a private practice our 30 minute appointments with an experienced optometrist are just £30.00 or included in our family eyecare plans.

We have a great range of children’s frames and provide free standard single vision lenses.

Check out David’s visit to Perspective for an eye test……..


He had to cover each eye in turn and tell Dan what letters or shapes he could see.

Stand still while a machine measured his focus

and then read some fun words at close range

after seeing how both eyes were working together

and checking if any lenses were needed to help him see any clearer

photographs were taken of deep inside each eye to examine blood vessels on his retinas

David could not believe it when he saw what the insides of his eye looked like.

David’s vision was perfect and his eyes were very healthy.

Regular eye examinations at least every two years are advisable throughout the teenage years. As we all know this period sees significant and frequent growth spurts and developmental changes. The eyes are no exception, the chances of developing short sightedness ( myopia ) in particular, are greater than ever before, due to the negative effects of being superglued to the screens of phones and tablets.

For healthy eye developments current research indicates the benefits of minimizing close work, in particular screen time on hand held devices. Spending at least an hour each day outside, preferably where long uninterrupted distances can be seen is also advised.

A check at 17 before driving lessons start is always a good idea to ensure safety and avoid disappointment on test day.