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If you are searching for different and individual eyewear from around the world, we will show you spectacles you can get excited about.
If you are bored of mass-market brands you find in high street opticians, with thick sides and logos and branding all down the side, we can help you.

If you’ve had disappointing service in other opticians in the past, we will transform your eyewear experience.
Bad spectacles. Uncomfortable frames. Even lenses you can’t see through. If you are sick and tired of opticians then we can help you.

If you hate shopping for spectacles and are in need of styling advice and professional expertise, we’ll guide you and help you find the right eyewear for you.
If you don’t know what suits you. If you can’t find frames that fit you or look good. If you go from optician to optician on a grueling search for eyewear, never finding anything you actually FEEL GOOD about wearing, we can help you.


With over 1000 spectacle frames always in stock we are sure we can help you find the perfect pair every time.

Perspective has possibly the largest collection of exclusive brands in the region, being authorised stockists for prestigious eyewear such as Lindberg, Flair, Swarovski and Silhouette.

Luxury brands Garrett Leight and Gotti and Ted Baker are examples of our designer collections.

Becoming increasingly popular are products from specialist frame designers, who use the latest high quality materials and cutting edge manufacturing techniques to produce individual and distinctive eyewear. Some of the current favourites are Theo, Mykita, Anne et Valentin, Garrett Leight and Gotti

Tailor Made Frame Service – working with renowned British frame designer Tom Davies we can customize the colour, size and fit of their bespoke collection to create a pair of spectacles that perfectly reflects your individual style and requirements.