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Even though we are a 'young' practice we have over 100 years eyecare experience.


Dan Sanders – Optometrist & Owner

I still can’t believe my practice celebrated 10 years of excellent eyecare in 2015, let alone that I graduated from Cardiff University with my Optometry BSc Honours degree in 1998!

I have been looking back to my first career success, when I passed all ten professional exams first time, and reminding myself what led me on the journey that created Perspective Opticians.

During my first five years I worked as a locum optometrist in a variety of high street multiple opticians and established independent practices. I quickly gained a lot of real life experience and saw first hand how a practice should and shouldn’t be run.

I discovered it was hard to be an excellent optician when you worked for one of the big boys, who only see their clients as numbers. But equally the dated and stuffy environment of the independents was very unappealing.

I decided there must be a better way, so with a good dose of youthful enthusiasm, I took the plunge into independent optometry in February 2005.

From day one I wanted my patients to look forward to visiting their optician and wear spectacles that made them feel great. I asked my self the simple question,

“What would I want if I needed an optician?”

1: An experienced optician who actually takes an interest and can explain things easily. Seeing them each time would also be nice.

2: Modern and comfortable surroundings.

3: The latest clinical equipment and tests.

4: Interesting, exclusive and high quality frames, plus the best lenses in the world to see through.

And most importantly……

5: To be treated as an individual by friendly staff, happy to give genuine customer service and expert advice.

Wining the national Optician Awards title for Independent Practice of the Year in 2009 suggested we might be on the right track.

These simple guiding principals continue to be the secret of our success.
Thank you to all our loyal clients for the enthusiastic recommendations you make to so many people. Your continued support has helped make Perspective what it is today, and more importantly how great it will be tomorrow.

Best Wishes and Better Spectacles


Professional team who all contribute to the continued success of Perspective Opticians

As the practice continues to grow we focus on consistently providing both a personal and professional service. Our experience means that we can continue to give people the sight that they deserve, made possible by today’s technology.


Perspective’s fantastic dispensing team combine their infectious passion for eyewear with the latest technical skills and knowledge. Our style of customer service continues to produce the happiest spectacle wearers around.


James ‘Jay’ Derrington FBDO SMC(Tech)

Practice Manager & Dispensing Optician, achieving the Spectacle Lens Technician qualification makes Jay the go to guy for the latest lens technology. His interest in ocular health is why James won the Rodenstock Prize in 2013.

Karen McCormick-Wilson

Business Manager, keeps Dan on track and co-ordinates with our suppliers. She also knows a thing or two about choosing spectacles that look great.

John Owen FBDO

Dispensing Optician, John has over 20 years’ experience in optics, he even has the hair cut to prove it. His knowledge and enthusiasm are certainly premier league.


James Schanda

Optical Consultant, with over 15 years’ experience in all areas of optical practice. His personal training interests certainly keep him fit for practice.

Simone Mason FBDO SLD

Dispensing Optician, her passion for stylish eyewear is complimented with over 20 years’ experience helping people enjoy their spectacles.

Janet Hanley FBDO

Dispensing Optician, one of our most experienced team members, Jan loves a stand out pair of spectacles. Our perfect product tester for the latest varifocal technology.

Sarah Chilton  MCOptom

Optometrist, qualified in 1999 after studying at Aston University. Sarah’s extensive Hospital Eye Service experience and interest in contact lenses makes her a perfect fit at perspective.

David Thomas MCOptom

Optometrist, qualified in 1998 after studying at Cardiff University. David deserves a medal for being Dan’s friend since school. He has a keen interest in ocular pathology, being involved in several shared care schemes.

Samantha Sanders MCOptom

Optometrist & Director, qualified in 2001 after studying at Aston University. Dan’s wife is a talented optician and most importantly Mum to their two boys, Bert & Fred.


Sally Phipps

Receptionist, controls the all-important front of house and keep us all in check.

Katie Grace

Saturday Receptionist, ensures the busy weekend clinic runs smoothly.


They all look forward to meeting you soon!