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Wearing Contacts for the first time?

It all starts with us checking to see if your spectacle prescription is up-to-date, and then a thorough contact lens fitting consultation. During this we check the shape, size and curvature of your eye as well as dryness to determine the most suitable lenses for you. We’ll show you how to fit them and let you practice fitting them until you are confident you can insert and remove them on your own.

You will then be encouraged to trial the lenses for 1-2 weeks, returning for a check up to assess your progress, check the eye health and make any adjustments for improved vision or comfort.

Advances in contact lens technology have now virtually eliminated many of the problems previously associated with contact lens wear. However, it is still vital you follow the guidelines given to you below.


– Always follow the wearing schedule advised by your Optometrist

– Wash and rinse your hands before handling your lenses

– Always use fresh solution

– Replace immediately faulty, damaged or dried out lenses

– Replace your lens case at least every 3 months

– Handle daily disposable lenses as little as possible

– Rub and rinse monthly/two weekly lenses before insertion

– Remember to attend your contact lens check ups as advised by your Optometrist.


– Sleep in your lenses unless advised by your Optometrist

– Re-use solutions

– Ever use tap water on your lenses

– Share lenses with others

– Swim without well fitting goggles

– Ignore eye irritation

– Wear your lenses if your eyes are red or sore.