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“That’s the best eye test I’ve ever had” ….Why do we hear this all the time?

There are many reasons why an eye examination at Perspective is different from those you might have had before.

Time – To do things properly you need plenty of it, we feel the 20-minute slots at high street opticians just aren’t long enough. With our 60-minute appointments, you won’t feel like you are
being rushed along a conveyor belt. We will have time to explain everything and answer all your questions.

Experience – All of our optometrists have over 20 years of experience, so there isn’t much they haven’t seen or dealt with before. They all complete many hours of training every year on the latest techniques and clinical knowledge.

Equipment – We have the latest diagnostic equipment as used in hospital departments. We are still the only practice in Solihull to have a 3D OCT scanning system, and the experience how to interpret the results.

Care – Seeing a familiar optometrist each time isn’t just reassuring, we can get to know you and understand what really matters.

A closer look at Your Eye Examination

If you have never had an eye test before, rest assured that the process is simple but thorough. Our optometrist will look closely at all aspects of your vision and eye health. A warm welcome and introduction proceeds the Pre-Screening checks, the main eye examination then follows. Once your visual requirements have been determined a hand over to a member of our qualified dispensing optician led team will occur. Using the optometrist’s findings the dispensers will guide you through the process of choosing your eye wear, if it is required.


The auto-refractor examination only takes a few seconds and is completely painless. Placing your chin on the chin rest, you will be asked to look at a picture. The auto-refractor then uses a complex procedure to estimate your required prescription by measuring the deviation of light your eye causes. This information is then used by your Optometrist, along with the other vision tests, to determine the prescription that gives you the best standard of vision.

The next check is to measure the pressure inside your eyes, which is known as the intraocular pressure (IOP). A non-contact tonometer is used to measure the IOP. The instrument directs a small puff of air into the eye, measuring your IOP on the basis of your eye’s resistance to the air.

Additional investigations such as visual field testing are also carried out by the optometrist.

Main Examination

The main part of the check up starts with a chat about any visual concerns or ocular health issues. Details of your general health, medications and eye history will also be taken into consideration. Using the test chart, trial frame or phoroptor and retinoscope your Optometrist will determine if any corrective power is required, for optimum vision at distance or near.

Using the ophthalmoscope, slit lamp and volk lens the health and overall condition of your eyes will be assessed. The Optometrist is looking for signs of ocular conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular changes. In addition indications of general health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and raised cholesterol can be detected.

As part of your sight test we use the latest innovation of OCT to produce a high resolution scan of your retina. This allows your eyes to be checked in greater detail and compared with future scans, helping the early detection of changes to your eye health.

OCT – (Optical Coherence Tomography)

3D OCT moves beyond basic retinal photography to reveal the hidden layers of the eye in high definition. 3D scanning technology has already provided significant gains in eye disease detection, allowing conditions such as wet macula degeneration and glaucoma to be identified much sooner.

Our Advanced Eye Examinations feature OCT as standard!

Choosing your Eyewear

With your new prescription determined, our professionally trained dispensers will help find the frames or sunglasses that best meet your visual, style and budget needs. To make things easier all our frames include standard single vision lenses, rimless and selected technical styles include high index thin & light lenses.

At Perspective a qualified and accredited Dispensing Optician is always available to provide the best advice and guidance when choosing the perfect frame and spectacle lenses for you.