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At Perspective we strongly believe that the provision of eyewear is a personal and physical process that can never be done correctly over the internet or in “conveyor belt” style opticians. We are sure you will notice the significant difference when you visit us.

John, our senior Dispensing Optician, comments that:

“Dispensing a pair of spectacles correctly is not simply finding a frame that fits ok, quickly measuring the distance between the pupils then telling the patient that they are having one particular lens….. Sadly this is what many of our patients have experienced before coming to Perspective.”

“We take the time and care needed to ensure your frame is not only the style you like, but that it fits correctly and is suitable for your prescription. We will then discuss the features and benefits of the lens choices available, allowing you to make a more informed decision whilst providing you with a greater understanding of your eyewear.”

“As lifestyles have changed so to have our visual demands; improved lens technology is allowing us to better meet our clients vision needs. We do this through use of specialist occupational lenses, and custom made single vision and progressive lenses. Custom made lenses allow us to greatly reduce the swim and distortion that many people struggle with in varifocals, and even in single vision lenses. This means our clients get not only the best looking eyewear, they get the best possible vision too.”

“By using the latest technology we can give our patients a greater understanding of the benefits of different lens designs and coatings. The newest innovation is Virtual Reality equipment which allows patients the chance to experience their lenses before we make them; it shows different varifocal lenses and the pitfalls of basic designs compared to the more advanced options, Transitions, Polarising, Occupational and coatings.”


High dispensing standards have always been a core principal at Perspective, combined with our refusal to compromise on quality. This is why Perspective has a widely recognised reputation for excellent eyewear and service.

To provide a professional service you require professional staff. This is why at Perspective you will always find a qualified Dispensing Optician on hand to advise and assist you.

Dispensing Opticians study for at least three years before gaining their professional qualifications. Their knowledge extends to all aspects of spectacle frames and lenses, providing them with the expertise to help you find the perfect frame and then advise you about the most suitable lenses for your prescription and requirements.

No matter how good the frame and lenses are, unless they are measured, fitted and adjusted correctly, the vision will never be as comfortable and clear as it should be. The Perspective dispensing team possess the technical knowledge and measurement skills to ensure you enjoy optimum vision in comfort.

“The dispensing team here at Perspective are specialists in lenses from SEIKO and Essilor; and regularly use lenses from other lens companies including Zeiss, Nikon, Hoya and the revolutionary 1.76 lens from Tokai Optical. This means we can find the perfect lenses for your needs.”