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So now we have a blog.

Now we have a blog; but the question is – what do we do with it?

We thought the best thing we could do with our blog is to show you all the things that go on behind the scenes that make our practice busy. All the things that we do that you don’t get to see either in the testing room or on the shop floor. We also want to use it as a bit of a discussion board, so from time to time you will see a blog that it designed to get you thinking; topics such as frame selections, eye health etc…

This first one is a bit of an overview of where we are as a practice and where we are going.

Over the last 2 years or so the practice has undergone quite a few changes both in terms of appearance and staff. We have said goodbye and good luck to some dear friends who have gone on to pastures new, and hello to new team members who have hit the ground running with new enthusiasm and ideas.

The store itself has almost completely regenerated and looks really fresh and open. The new display boards, lighting and dispensing desks have been a big hit with clients and visiting suppliers. The new Lindberg installation has really opened up the back section of the shop and the new Chanel display looks as fantastic as the frames within it.

Keen observers will notice that we have changed our website (hence the chance to have a blog). This has been an interesting task for us and big thanks have to go to Raj & Sam at the developers Wirefox ( – and no they did not sneak this in themselves!!!

All of these changes are part of a bigger change within the practice. A shift in our direction and looking at where we want our practice to be. For years we have always looked to be one step ahead of the rest, to be able to offer our clients more than they can get elsewhere.

For a long time clinically we have done that, with our OCT scans and minimum 30 minute appointments.

Now we are refocussing our efforts on the dispensing side of the practice. We have always held ranges that are difficult to find elsewhere so that we can offer something different and exclusive. We are pushing the boundaries with new inventive collections; like the amazing designs from Anne Et Valentin that have just arrived.

We realise that buying a pair of glasses needs more than just a selection of cool frames; it needs care, attention, skill and dedication. The whole team is committed to trying to give you the best service you will ever receive, not just from an optician but from anywhere. We must be doing the right things as 2015 was our most successful year ever and there are no signs of slowing yet in 2016. But we still want more, we still want to be doing bigger and better things for our clients.

There are some exciting things set to happen this year from open days and promotions to new collections and dispensing concepts. So please keep checking these blogs, our twitter and facebook pages or come in to store and see for yourself.

James ‘Jay’ Derrington FBDO SMC(TECH)
Practice Manager – Dispensing Optician – Spectacle Lens Technician