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Silhouette eyewear had developed their first rimless glasses in 1983 and by 1999 they introduced their titanium model that was lightweight with no screws or hinges and could be made to order to fit the individual.

Silhouette eyeglasses are high end, luxury pair of spectacles. Silhouette glasses frames are moulded titanium making Silhouette eyewear beautiful, simple and effective.

Silhouette eyewear includes 20 different models of rimless lenses. Each slightly different in colour and design, while still staying within the original model of quality, lightweight eyewear. The lenses come in a variety of shapes and the ear pieces are either a wire design or thicker in shape. The lenses for Silhouette rimless glasses can be made into almost any shape you want. Silhouette takes great pride in providing handmade frames requiring the highest degree of precision craftsmanship. This enables every Silhouette eyeglass frame to be highly detailed and every Silhouette frame a masterpiece of its own right. This has enabled Silhouette to gain a reputation for excellent and timeless designs.